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Modern military style pocket watch with a vintage look

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This is a modern watch in an original vintage case. The case has a number of small scratches which gives the watche a nice vintage look. The watch has a non-radioactive luminous dial that is "charged up" by UV light and gives then off a luminous glow when taken into the dark. The dial glows green and the hands glow blue.

All our watches are masterpieces that are individually made and tested.

The movement has a nice "Côtes de Genève" striped finish on its back. Blue screws. This particular movement is made in China and based on the Swiss Unitas 6497 design. The Unitas 6497 is a very successful movement and in continous production since 1950. The Chinese version is an almost perfect copy and of very good quality. This is a quality watch that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Shock protection reduces the chances that the balance pivots (balance staffs) break or bend when the watch experiences a sudden mechanical shock. This does not mean that you can expect the watch to always survive any kind of shock and abuse. You should still tie the watch to your vest or pants to avoid that the watch drops on the floor if it slips accidentally out of your hands.

The watch comes in a black foam padded cardboard box. We include a string to tie the watch to a belt loop (see: why not use a chain?).

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