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Restoration of vintage pocket watches

The watches you find in this shop are all carefully restored, adjusted and tested. The watches are not only cleaned and oiled. Every part is checked carefully. Worn out parts are replaced and the watches are adjusted to make sure they work reliably. You will not only get a vintage watch that is good for occasional use but one that you can trust every day.

We test our products

The watches are not only tested electronically on a modern watch timing machine but we do actually use the watches for at least one week to ensure that there is no hidden defect.

This multilevel approach of final visual inspection, electronic testing and use of the watch under real world conditions ensures that those watches are of really high quality.

Why pocket watches?

Almost all reliably working watches were pocket watches a century ago. The machinery and technology did not exist to make smaller and lightweight wrist watches that would keep time as good as bigger pocket watches. Everybody who wanted a real watch had a pocket watch. Today wrist watches are more common and wrist watches double as jewelry. Pocket watches have however still a place and there are some very good reason for using a pocket watch: You will for sure have your own reasons otherwise you would not be on this site.
We just love pocket watches.

Ordering and shipping

We use currently only paypal as a payment processor but you don't need to have a paypal account to pay. You can just use a credit card on the paypal site to pay your order. All orders are shipped via Canada Post and we ship internationally.

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